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손 소이  Son, Solee


서울예고 졸업

한국예술종합학교 예술사과정 졸업

독일 베를린 한스아이슬러 국립음대 학사 및 석사 졸업

독일 베를린 한스아이슬러 국립음대 최고연주자과정(Konzertexamen) 최우수 졸업


중앙콩쿨 1위없는 2위(33회, 35회), 대구TBC콩쿨 1위, 경희대학교콩쿨 1위,

연세대학교콩쿨 1위없는 2위

KNUA Symphony Orchestra와 협연 (지휘, 정치용)

제72회 조선일보 신인음악회, 제19회 젊은이의 음악제에서 연주

Berlin Philharmoniker 객원 역임 (지휘, Sir. Simon Rattle)​​​​​​​​​​

현) Ensemble Eins 단원, 부천 필하모닉 오케스트라 제2수석

Flutist Solee Son’s musicality is passionate and refined. After Seoul Arts High School, Solee Son graduated from Korea National University of Arts after receiving full scholarships for the duration of her attendance in the Academy of Music. Then, Son graduated summa cum laude with B.M and M.M from Hochschule für Musik Hanns Eisler Berlin, and received doctorate (Konzertexamen) from the same university. She came in 1st place in Daegu TBC Concours, Kyunghee University Music Concours, Yonsei University Concours, Joongang Music Concours, and collected numerous awards from other competitions. Her musical talent was well-received, yet again, by her performance in Daegu TBC Concours in Daegu Citizen Hall. Son successfully performed solo recitals and as part of chamber music and orchestra at numerous venues which include solo performance in the 19th Young Musicians Festival, duo performance with Gergely Mark Bokoky, collaborative performance with KNUA Symphony Orchestra (conducted by Chiyong Chung), the 72nd Chosunilbo Debut Concerts, guest performance in Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra (conducted by Klaus Wallendorf and Sir.Simon Rattle), chamber music performance in Hanns Eisler Studio Hall in Berlin, Germany, solo performance in Hanns Eisler GKS Hall, chamber music in Hamburg, Germany, foundation concert of modern chamber music at Ensemble Eins, and 2 solo performances in Hanns Eisler KKS Hall. Also, Son participated in many master classes of Peter-Lukas Graf, Phillippe Bernold, Silvia Careddu, and Petri Alanko. She is scheduled in Feb, 2016 to perform collaboratively with Berlin Konzerthaus Orchestra by invitation. Son became known after her solo performance in 2015 after her return to Korea. She studied under Joohee Lee, Youngmi Kim, Shinjung Noh, Benoit Fromanger, and Silvia Careddu. Son will continue on stages as Assistant Principal in the Bucheon Philharmonic Orchestra.

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