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Portrait Concert II Composer Myunghoon Park


Ilshin Hall

Works by Myunghoon Park


Heroic Roses for violin and piano

Funke for alto-flute, clarinet, violin and piano

舞童(Mudong, 춤추는 소년) for piano quintet

mode v for snare drum

[flæʃ] for flute, english horn, bass clarinet and piano

Flute: Byungchul Oh 오병철, English Horn: Hyojung Ahn 안효정, Clarinet/Bass-Clarinet: Uk Kim 김욱

Piano: Haesung Yoon 윤혜성, Snare Drum: Jiseung Moon 문지승

Violin: Minjeong Kang 강민정, Hwahyun Song 송화현, Shinhye Park 박신혜

Viola: Sangmin Lee 이상민, Violoncello: Youna Ju 주윤아

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