안 효정  Ahn, Hyojung


예원, 서울예고 졸업

한국예술종합학교 예술사과정 우수장학생 입학 및 조기졸업(전액장학금 수혜)

독일 만하임 국립음대 석사 최우수 졸업

독일 만하임 국립음대 Orchestra Solist과정 졸업


금호 영 아티스트

음악저널콩쿨 1위, 음악춘추콩쿨 1위, 성신여자대학교콩쿨 1위,

연세대학교콩쿨, 청소년실내악콩쿨, 우현콩쿨 입상

Schlossfestspiele Zwingenberg orchester, Kurpfaelzische Kammerorchester,

Heidelberg Kantaataen orchester 객원수석 및 단원 역임

성남시립교향악단, 프라임필하모닉 오케스트라 객원 및 수석 단원 역임


현) 심포니 송 오케스트라 부수석, 가일플레이어즈 단원, 선화예술학교, 건국대학교 출강

Hyojung Ahn was born in 1986 in Seoul. After attending Yewon School and Seoul Arts High School, Ahn was admitted to Korea National University of Arts as an Outstanding Scholarship Student in 2008. She received full scholarships during the entirety of her attendance and graduated early. While attending Hochschule fuer Musik Mannheim in Germany, Ahn studied under Emanuel Abbuehl and received Master’s degree, completing her Orchestra Soloist program summa cum laude. She had her first solo recital in Kumho Art hall in 2014. Ahn came in 1st place in many concours in Korea including Music Journal Concours and Music Chunchu Concours, and had her very own concert when she was selected by Kumho Young Artists Audition. She participated in ISA International Sommerakademie in Austria, Rro Bono Musicae sommer Festival in Polen, and took part as a guest member in Schlossfestspiele Zwingenberg Orchester, Kurpfaelzische Kammerorchester. Currently, Ahn is the Assistant Principal in Symphony Song Orchestra and a member of Ensemble Eins. She is still very active performing in Oboe and Organ Concert for Jungdong Noon Concerts and more.

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