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Eins segment / element iv (Korea-Japan Exchange Program)

Ensemble Eins with Naoya Aoki Group Work Project

'CROSSINGS' - Seoul x Tokyo, Music x Dance -




Shunsuke Azuma (*1983)
'Lines' for flute, oboe, viola and piano with dancers (2019)

Myunghoon Park (*1980)
‘舞童(Mudong)’ for string quartet and piano with dancers (2019)

Noriaki Mori (*1979)
‘Watering’ for clarinet, violin, violoncello and piano with dancers (2019)

Seunghyuk Lim (*1978)
‘Turn Up’ for clarinet solo, flute, oboe and live-electronics with dancers (2019)


<Choreograph: Naoya Aoki>

CROSSINGS Poster Final .jpg
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