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Eins C10 Project 2022 Winter Concert

2022.12. 07 - 서울 일신홀

2022. 12. 10 - 광주 유스퀘어 금호아트홀


Pre-Concert Talk with Composers (Interviewer 박수인)

지 성 민 (*1983)

<still. alive. grace. hope. and. still. grace. again. and. hope. so. alive. still. grace. hope. still. hope. alive. and> for Violin, Viola, Violoncello and Piano  (2022) *WP


유 진 솔 (*1992)

<Pinch> for Oboe and String Trio (2022) *WP


이 은 지 (*1982)

INFINI for String Quartet (2022) *WP


이 응 진 (*1997) 

Geste II pour 4 instruments (2022) *WP


박 명 훈 (*1980)

Day and Night for Flute, two Violoncellos and Piano (2022) *WP


Johannes Boris Borowski (*1979)

Wandlung für Flöte, Oboe, Klarinette in A, Klavier, Violine und Viola (2009/rev.2014) *KP

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