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2022. 06. 09  공간소리 - 나의소리2

​예술의전당 인춘아트홀

남정훈 - Rauschen for Oboe, Violoncello and Piano

김시호 - 속삭임 for Piano Trio

김현주 - Ruach for Clarinet, Violin and Piano

지성민 - nocturne for Violoncello

정수란 - Paean for Clarinet and Piano

이승은 - 연오랑 세오녀 for Violin and Violoncello

​홍성지 - Resting in Light for Clarinet, Violin, Viola and Violoncello

Clarinet - Minwook Kim, Oboe - Jungyeon An(Guest)

Violin - Minjeong Kang, Viola - Sangmin Lee, Violoncello - Joona Ju

Piano - Haesung Yoon

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